Job Site Accommodation

Rearranging job tasks to accommodate an individual with a disability.


Jobsite accommodation is the process of modifying or rearranging job tasks (parts of a job) to accommodate an individual with a disability. Often a person with a disability can complete most of the job tasks required for a job, but there may be specific job tasks that the client cannot complete without modification.


Ergonomics is the modification of a workstation, piece of equipment, or layout to prevent pain or to make movements more efficient. The goal of ergonomics is to make the job “fit” the person instead of the person having to “fit” the job. What should you expect from an evaluation? A jobsite accommodation/ergonomics evaluation can cover many aspects of the job and workplace of a VR client, including the following:

  • Physical accessibility of the jobsite. Worksite Setup – Can the client access all aspects of the job, and are they arranged in the most efficient manner?
  • Job Analysis – If there are tasks of the job that the client cannot perform, how can these tasks be modified, accommodated or reassigned?

One important factor of the evaluation is that the employer be involved as much as possible. Often employers are hesitant about hiring people with disabilities. With the input of the vocational rehabilitation counselor and the help of the AT Staff, our goal is that an employer clearly sees the benefits that person brings into their business. Who benefits from this service? It is important to note that this service is requested once the Vocational Rehabilitation client has a job, or is applying for a specific job. Or, if a VR client can no longer perform a specific part of their job, an assessment can be performed.

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