Assistive Technology

Kris Geroux, Director

Assistive Technology (AT) is defined as the application of technology to alleviate barriers that interfere with the lives of individuals with disabilities and is intended to help the individual maintain or enhance his or her ability to function personally, socially, and/or vocationally. MDRS Counselors make referrals to the AT Division.

MDRS Rehabilitation Engineers and Rehabilitation Technologists are available to provide consultation on all AT referrals as well as perform initial evaluations and assessments, and set up AT equipment, provide follow-up evaluations, design and fabricate original items, and provide specifications and final inspections for AT services. The Assistive Technology Division staff evaluates MDRS clients for the most appropriate assistive technology, thus enabling them to return to work and/or live independently. Rapid changes in technology are constantly expanding opportunities for those with disabilities to participate in their communities and in the workplace. When necessary, the AT Division will refer MDRS clients to outside sources.

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