Independent Living Services

The VRB/Independent Living for the Blind Program provides services to assist legally blind individuals adjust to their blindness. Older Blind Program eligibility requirements are age 55+ and legal blindness. The Part B eligibility requirements are legal blindness and significant secondary disability. For both programs, gainful employment may not be feasible but independent living goals are feasible.

Some of the services we provide are:

  • Recommendation and/or provision of appropriate and necessary aids and appliances, such as, talking clocks, writing guides, low vision aids, etc.
  • Functional low vision assessments
  • Independent living skills training
  • Peer support groups and other supportive services such as reader services and transportation and advocacy  
  • Center based training (Addie McBryde)
  • Other appropriate services designed to assist a person who is blind in coping with daily living activities.
  • Orientation & mobility training
  • Counseling (peer, individual, and group)

The Itinerant Teacher Program began in 1994 to provide services to consumers served by VRB who could not attend the community rehabilitation program (Addie McBryde Center) or who did attend and needed follow-up services in the home or on the job site. Itinerant teachers provide services in the consumer’s home, community or work environment. Teachers work closely with the VRB counselors to coordinate services, evaluate client needs, develop living-needs plans, and provide instructional materials and on-site training.  Some services include:

  • Low Vision Assessments – evaluations for magnifiers, portable CCTVs, and other optical devices;
  • Marking office equipment or home appliances;
  • Non-optical adaptive devices – check and signature guides, talking clocks, money identifiers, cooking items, large button phones, etc.;
  • Orientation and Mobility services or travel training – sighted guide and protective techniques and training in the use of a cane;
  • Follow up training after services have been provided.

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