Addie McBryde Rehabilitation Center for the Blind

The Addie McBryde Rehabilitation Center is a comprehensive personal adjustment center for adults who are blind, visually impaired or deaf-blind. Through a program of training offered to both residential and day clients, individuals participate in classes learning skills which enable them to successfully live and work independently. Established in 1972, the center is Located in Jackson on the campus of the University of Mississippi Medical Center. The facility has a dormitory capacity for 28 clients, a gymnasium, a client library and classrooms equipped with specialized technology for the blind and visually impaired. Certified instructors individualize training to meet a client’s needs during the class day from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Clients participate in additional activities in the Achieving Milestones Class focusing on adjustment to vision loss, confidence building, resume writing, interviewing and utilizing resources in the community.

Classes include the following:

  • Orientation and Mobility- Training in use of the long white mobility cane, residential and business travel, use of public transportation, sighted guide and protective techniques
  • Communication/Advanced Communication– Training in Braille, adaptive equipment, handwriting, keyboarding, use of the personal computer utilizing both magnification and screen readers
  • Personal Management- Meal planning and preparation, nutrition, shopping, storing and labeling, including organization and safety in the kitchen
  • Techniques of Daily Living- Laundry and housekeeping, grooming, hand sewing
  • Recreation and Leisure Education– Physical conditioning, arts and crafts, community activities 

Additional services provided include GED Preparation, Vocational Evaluation, Low Vision Assessment, Diabetic and Medical Management, and Vocational Training in Emergency Dispatch.  This training is offered in collaboration with the Health Care Institute in Jackson. ​

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For further information or to arrange a tour, contact:
Addie McBryde Rehabilitation Center for the Blind
2550 Peachtree Street, ext.
Jackson, MS 39216
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 5314
Jackson, MS 39296-5314
Phone: (601) 364-2700

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