Transition Services

The Transition Services Program works with eligible secondary school students with disabilities to enable them to transition from school to subsequent work environments. Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) works cooperatively with the Mississippi Department of Education and local school districts in planning and implementing a variety of programs designed to provide training and assistance for students with disabilities to support them in making the difficult transition from school to work.


The VR Transition Counselor and the classroom teacher work together to implement a curriculum that students with disabilities may participate in. This program assists students with a range of services from interviewing skills to appropriate workplace dress attire. VR teaches this curriculum as agreed upon by school personnel and provides technical assistance, materials as needed, and progress in various areas of performance.


This program is provided at a community rehabilitation program (CRP). The focus of this program is to provide students with disabilities an opportunity to do actual work in a structured environment. Students receive pay, training, vocational assessment and work evaluation.


Some students with disabilities may choose to participate in the regular Vocational-Technical Programs (welding, auto body repair, etc.) through the school system. These students may also receive vocational assessment and evaluation through VR.


When students near the end of their last year in school they may opt to participate in on-the-job training. This program differs from Job Readiness Training in that the student enters into an employee/employer relationship and the employer provides the training needed for successful job performance. The employer and VR agree on a fee that VR will pay the employer for the training. The employer receives technical assistance from a VR counselor and the employee receives vocational assessment, vocational counseling and guidance.

The decision as to the appropriate services for a student will be made through a decision made by the student, through informed choice, and in coordination with the VR counselor and the school system. Each transition case is individualized and the services will be coordinated as to what is appropriate in each case.​

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