Residents come out to the 2024 Coastal Mississippi Job Fair at MGCCC Jackson County

In Gautier, many Coast residents visited the 2024 Coastal Mississippi Job Fair today.

The event was hosted by the Mississippi Department of Employment Security at the MGCCC Jackson County campus.

The job fair gives locals numerous job opportunities by doing on-site interviews for candidates.

Experts and employers from area industries talked about the importance of fairness and how it benefits their respective companies. Governor’s Job Fair Network Director Adam Todd said, “Over 40 different organizations that are represented here today. We’ve already had over 100 individuals coming to the job. There are many benefits to the face-to-face interaction that takes place at these events that you miss otherwise.”

Gary Loy with Military Sea Lift Command said, “Think some of the conversations I had is like how do I get started in this industry because a lot of people don’t know how to become a merchant mariner. They don’t know what it takes.”

Gina Buyukpolat with the MS Department of Rehabilitation Services said, “Nobody knows about us that’s the most important thing. We’re like the best secret in Mississippi because nobody knows we need more attention brought to our agency. So, we can help everybody that would be eligible for our services.”

If you missed today’s job fair, don’t worry! Thursday you can stop by the 2024 Coastal Mississippi Job Fair at MGCCC’s Harrison County campus starting at 9 a.m.

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