Board hears vending proposal from MDRS

The Jefferson Davis County Board of Supervisors met for the second meeting of the month Monday morning at the board room in Prentiss.

The meeting opened with prayer by Board Engineer Les Dungan before the meeting was called to order and the minutes and agenda were approved.

A bid opening was first on the agenda. Dunn Roadbuilders submitted a bid for $145 per ton for cold mix. This was the only bid received. The board accepted the bid.

Dorothy Young, Director of Vocational Rehabilitation for the Blind through the Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services presented a vending proposal to the board. The vending proposal is part of the Business Enterprise Program which would employ a blind person to provide vending services to the new jail in Prentiss. The new service would provide vending to the prisoners and would also be available to employees and staff as well if the county chooses that option. “Not only would blind individuals have been gainfully employed, but your staff will receive quality and reasonably priced food and vending options,” said Young.

This program not only gives a blind person the opportunity to work but also offers other Mississippians the chance to work, since the blind will need to hire a driver and helper for vending routes. There are currently 33 blind vendors in Mississippi.

There is an option for a commissary to be placed in the new center as well. Board members were also interested in placing vending machines in several county buildings. “I would like to employ a local blind person, if we could,” said District 1 Supervisor Corky Holliman. Young said that was definitely a possibility.

The prisoners would have no direct access to vending, but would place an order from a list of merchandise. Prisoners would have their money loaded on a card by a family member to use for the vending.

“That will keep a lot of drugs and stuff out of our jail, said JDC Jail Administrator Linda Bass. “Because we have really come across a lot of drugs coming through the jail like that. So, if they can afford put the drugs in there, they can afford to put the money in the commissary.”

“Sounds like a winner to me,” said District 3 Supervisor Demarrio Booth. The board agreed. Young was asked to coordinate a meeting with the sheriff’s department, then bring the plan back to the board for final approval.

The board approved the purchase and payment of prisoner meals from Piggly Wiggly due to the fire at Williams Good Ole Days Buffet. Williams’ only missed the breakfast meal the day of the fire. All other meals are being delivered as usually from Williams’ Mendenhall restaurant.

Correctional Communications requested a service agreement for prisoner telephones in the new jail. The jail currently uses Citi Tele Coin Company. The board discussed the different services and will make a decision at a later date.  Agenda item Approve Board President signing acceptance of services with Prince CPA Firm was continued.

Les Dungan noted that District 1 paving would be finished this week. Paving in District 4 will follow. Board Accountant Cathy Slocum and Board Attorney Wes Daughdrill gave their reports.

In other board news, the board approved the following without opposition before it adjourned.

• Approved minutes.
• Approved Board President signing letter to NRCS requesting time extension on EWP project.
• Approved renewal of airport liability insurance with Board President signing renewal and payment of premium with terrorism coverage.
• Approved Board President signing Pay Application 13.
• Approved company to handle the landfill Storm Water Permit.
• Approved to extend Waste Tire Assistance Grant.
• Approved spreading into the minutes certificate from Department of Revenue.
• Approved Supervisors Booth and Mathis travel to Texas for NaCo Conference in county vehicles.
• Approved employees attending meetings and conventions.
• Approved payment of invoices: Dungan Engineering for countywide patching and leveling – District 1 and All Phases Archaeology, LLC from severance fund.  • Approved use of credit card – District 3.
• Approved credit card report and payment of the same.
• Approved claims.
• Approved budget requests: Circuit Court Judge Touchstone, increasing salaries and JDC Chancery Judges – increasing salaries of two Court Administrators.
• Spreading into minutes letter of engagement with Bridgers CPA firm.

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