PROM Programs under way in Union County

As high school prom season nears, PROM (Please Return On Monday) programs are under way in high schools in Union County.

  Ingomar Attendance Center’s  PROM program is Monday March 27, at  9 a.m. 

  New Albany High School will have their “Stop The Knock” program — similar to PROM — Monday, April 3.  

  West Union Attendance Center’ PROM program was Friday, March 3. 

  Program dates on East Union and Myrtle weren’t immediately available. 

   “The Mississippi Highway Patrol and the Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services team up during PROM to present what could happen on prom night or any night actually, if a person loses focus on what’s at stake when driving behind the wheel of a vehicle,” Troop F Public Information Officer Bryan McGee said this week.

  “We want drivers to remember that when you party, you party with the group, but when you die, you die alone. 

  “The Patrol speaks about what could occur if you die and what is left behind, the knock at the door at 3 a.m., all the families affected due to that one bad mistake. 

  “The MDRS talks about what happens if you’re not killed in a car crash but injured. The impact on your way of life, how it affects your family and all the things that you once were able to do, and still want to do, but know they must be done from a wheelchair or worse even a hospital bed,” SSgt.  McGee said. 

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