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OfficeDescriptionTEXT PDF
VROffice of Vocational RehabilitationTEXTPDF
VRBOffice of Vocational Rehabilitation for the BlindTEXTPDF
VRBAddie McBryde Rehabilitation Center for the BlindTEXTPDF
VRSupported EmploymentTEXTPDF
OSDPOffice of Special Disability ProgramsTEXTPDF
VRInformed Choice in the VR ProcessTEXTPDF
VRTransition and Youth Career ServicesTEXTPDF
VRMS Partners for Informed Choice (MPIC)TEXTPDF
OBDOffice of Business DevelopmentTEXTPDF
VR/VRB/OBDInternship Push CardPDF
VRCareer Exploration & Employability SkillsTEXTPDF
VRBIndependent Living for the BlindTEXTPDF
VRBBusiness Enterprise ProgramTEXTPDF
AWAbilityWorks ClientTEXTPDF
AWAbilityWorks BusinessTEXTPDF
MDRSMS Dept of Rehabilitation Services: Opportunities for IndependenceTEXTPDF
VRBVision Loss FlyerPDF
VR/VRBStudent_Career Push CardPDF
MDRSMDRS Vendor RecruitmentPDF
VRTransition and Youth Career Services (SPANISH)TEXTPDF


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