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 PROM Resources

What is PROM?
PROM is a public awareness campaign created by the Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services in 2018 in partnership with the Mississippi Highway Patrol.  The campaign encourages prom-bound students to understand the “full-circle” of consequences when choosing to drink and drive, text and drive and/or not buckle up.

PROM stands for Please Return on Monday.  The full PROM message is:  Please Return on Monday -in the same condition you left.  YOUR choices today impact YOUR tomorrow.


Are you a school in Mississippi Interested in scheduling a PROM program?
To see about scheduling a PROM program in your school, please contact the Office of Communications at oc or call 1-800-443-1000.


Interested in starting a PROM program in your state?
Click here for more information.


Interested in using the PROM logo?
Please feel free to use the PROM logo in accordance with the set guidelines outlined here.


PROM Resources
PROM: Mississippi School Resource Video (long video)
PROM: Please Return on Monday (short intro)
PROM: How do you want to wear it (video)
MHP Website and Resources
MDRS Website and Resources