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 PROM Safety Initiative underway in Mississippi

March 27, 2018
By Maggie Wade
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -
Two state agencies are teaming up to remind students to stay safe during prom season. The Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol and the Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services are partnering for a safety initiative called, "PROM- Please Return on Monday in the same condition you left."
The campaign is urging students who attend proms to make good choices such as buckling up, no texting and driving and no drinking and driving.
"While Prom Night is one of the most significant nights for a high school student it is significant for the parents as well," said Colonel Chris Gillard, Director of the Mississippi Highway Patrol. "The parents stay up all night after the photos, after their child leaves, to see that they return home in the same condition he or she left. Our goal is to help ensure that the child makes it back to the parent."
This campaign is the first partnership with the MDRS, and the first to be conducted for prom season in MHP history.
"We wanted to join with MHP to show teens the full circle of consequences of choices to text and drive, drink and drive and of not wearing a seatbelt," said Chris Howard, Executive Director for MDRS. "Because automobile accidents are a leading cause of traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries, and because many of our clients are living with disabilities caused by such accidents."
State troopers and representatives from MDRS will be bringing special events to students around the state to encourage safe habits and to educate them on the dire consequences of poor choices made on prom night. Posters featuring the art work of cartoonist and radio host Marshall Ramsey will also be in schools.
POSTED: 3/27/2018