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 MCCB Partners with MDRS to Train and Employ Mississippians

Red Hills MS News
Novemeber 26, 2019

The Mississippi Community College Board (MCCB) has partnered with the Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services (MDRS) in its Community-Based Services Work Experience Program to employ Mississippians with disabilities so they may have the opportunity to gain vocational experience through a structured, supervised internship program in a professional setting.  As part of the agreement, MDRS identifies candidates to serve in the internship program while MCCB provides supervision that enables the intern to receive the training necessary to work in an office environment.  The program began on October 1, 2019 and will end on September 30, 2021.
“I am excited to partner with MDRS on this project,” said Dr. Andrea Mayfield Executive Director of the Mississippi Community College Board.  “The internship program benefits MCCB because we are able to bring in employees to help with various duties.  This allows employees the ability to focus on other job responsibilities which makes us a more effective agency.  This also gives interns the opportunity to improve their skills so they can enter the workforce and advance their careers.  I hope more state agencies will work with MDRS so they can experience the same results as MCCB.”
“This is a winning partnership for everyone involved,” said Chris Howard, Executive Director of the Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services.  “By partnering with agencies like MCCB, our office is able to expand the opportunities and training ground for those we serve.  We cover wages so interns are able to get paid while gaining valuable hands-on experience and MCCB gets the additional manpower.” 
Entities interested in participating in the program should contact the Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services at 1-800-443-1000.
POSTED: 12/2/2019