Assistive Technology

  • Vehicle Modifications

Providing vehicle access to individuals with disabilities.

Who benefits from Vehicle Modifications?

Motor vehicle modifications may be provided, when necessary, to enable clients to prepare for, secure, retain, or regain employment or achieve independent living goals. Motor vehicle modification services can be provided when a specific employment goal has been identified and subsequent rehabilitation services are required and will result in gainful employment or when identified as an approved/appropriate goal. MDRS will not purchase or lease a vehicle. Additionally, MDRS will only participate financially in the purchase of AT devices, adaptive equipment, and vehicle modifications.


Note: The client must hold a valid driver's license or permit to receive a driving assessment.


What types of modifications are available?

There are two categories which the Department of Rehabilitation Services categorize vehicle modifications.

  • Minor Modifications – these may consist of hand controls, wheelchair lifts, spinner knobs, power seats, and/or wheelchair securement devices.
  • Major Modifications – these may consist of raising the roof, lowering the floor, and/or modifying major structural or operating features.

What to expect from an evaluation

The evaluation may consist of three different parts: an adaptive driving evaluation, a vehicle assessment and vehicle modifications.

  • Adaptive Driving evaluation includes an evaluation from a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist (CDRS). Driving simulation trials are conducted as well as behind-the-wheel assessments for individuals requiring adaptive devices for driving. Services may result in a recommendation for driving and will include specific recommendations regarding adaptations that are needed to make a vehicle accessible.​
  • Vehicle Assessment includes evaluation of the individual’s vehicle to determine if the vehicle meets MDRS’s guidelines for modifications
  • Vehicle Modifications include modification of the vehicle to accommodate an individual with a disability.