Assistive Technology

  • Seating and Mobility

Offering individuals with a disability the opportunity of an independent lifestyle.

What is Seating & Mobility?

Seating and Mobility refers to wheelchairs or scooters. With today’s advancements in technology, seating and mobility systems offer an individual with a disability the opportunity to obtain or to retain an independent lifestyle. Seating and mobility systems today can range from a simple manual wheelchair to the most complex power wheelchair.

What to expect from the evaluation

The evaluation is a process of assessing an individual for the purpose of determining the appropriate seating system. A properly fitted seating system will allow an individual to maximize their stability while improving range of motion and comfort levels.

In some cases, medicare or private insurance may require these evaluations to be completed by a licensed occupational or physical therapist.

Because of our individualized approach to seating and mobility, our evaluation can range from simple cushion changes to evaluating for the most advanced seating system available.

Who benefits from a seating and mobility evaluation?

Anyone with mobility impairment can benefit from a seating and mobility evaluation. A proper seating system is essential to an individual with a disability. Even small changes to existing seating systems can make a big difference in a person’s independence and lifestyle.

MDRS does not provide routine maintenance or repair. An individual should contact a local vendor for repair service or the manufacturer directly.