Assistive Technology

  • Home Accommodation 

Allowing an individual better access to their home or living environment.

What is a Home Accommodation?

A home accommodation is any accommodation or modification to the residence of a MDRS client that will allow an individual better access to their home or living environment.

What to expect from the evaluation

The evaluation is a process of assessing an individual in their living environment for the purpose of determining the barriers the individual or their caregivers are encountering. This allows our AT staff to make the appropriate recommendations to resolve or minimize the barriers facing the individuals and their caregivers.

What types of evaluations are performed?

Any barriers the individual is encountering will be addressed. Because of our individualized approach, our evaluations range from the simple recommending of handrails being installed in the bathroom, widening of interior or exterior doorways, building exterior ramps for access into the home, to the more complex remodeling of bathrooms or kitchens.

MDRS will not provide home modifications to a residence that is structurally unsound or in such disrepair that to forego said repairs prior to providing the modification would compromise the safety and effectiveness of the modification​. MDRS does not pay for home repairs or general maintenance of homes.

MDRS will not pay for modifications that add to the total square footage of the home. Total square footage refers to that area that is originally heated or cooled. MDRS may, however, pay for accessibility modifications to home additions that have been paid for by the client that are a component part of the original roofline. MDRS does not participate in the construction of new homes other than in an advisory capacity.

Who benefits from Home Accommodations Evaluation?

Anyone with mobility impairment, their family members or caregivers will benefit from Home Accommodations. It is essential to an individual with a disability to have the capabilities of maneuvering around their home environment independently. Home accommodations can make the job of a caregiver or family member easier and safer for the disabled individual. Small and large accommodation changes make a big difference in a person's independence and lifestyle.​​​