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Advisory Councils

State Rehabi​litation Council

L to R:1st row – Cassandra Singleton; Lee Cole; Rebecca Treadway; Jin Joo Crosby
2nd row – Shannon Hillman; Donna foster; Ed Roberson; Josh Bower; Jean Walley; Mary Lundy Meruvia
3rd row – Donald Brown; Brad Bounds; Presley Posey
Not Pictured: Sharon Strong Coon; Pam Dollar; Chris Howard; John McGinn; Augusta Smith

  • Chris Howard, Ex Officio
  • Josh Bower
  • Don Brown
  • Lee Cole
  • Brad Bounds
  • Sharon Coon
  • Jin Joo Crosby
  • Pam Dollar
  • Donna Foster
  • Shannon Hillman
  • John McGinn
  • Mary Lundy Meruvia, Chairperson
  • Cassandra Singleton
  • Augusta Smith
  • Rebecca Treadway
  • Jean Walley
  • Presley Posey
• The application to nominate one for appointment to the State Rehabilitation Council can be found by clicking here.
Contact information for SRC Members
• ​Link to the Federal Regulations SRC INFO: Subpart B;  361.16 – 361.17


Statewide Independent Living Council

  • Augusta Smith
  • Mary Allsup, Chairperson
  • Anita Naik
  • Lynda Hall
  • Kasey Byrd
  • Mike Duke
  • Christine Woodell
  • Antonio Wright
  • Johnny McGinn


Traumatic Brain Injury/Spinal Cord Injury Trust Fund Advisory Council

  • Dr. Edward Manning, Chairperson
  • Dr. Howard Katz
  • Adrian Benson
  • Colita Bell
  • Susan Marquez
  • Dr. Greg Little
  • Cameron Stubbs
  • Nikosha Anderson


Office on Deaf and Hard of Hearing

  • Debra Kyle
  • Jim Hearn
  • Wendell Morrison
  • Gary Gilmore
  • Yvonne Killegrew
  • Keith Matthews​