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vocational rehabilitation

Lavonda Hart, Director


MDRS is the largest state agency committed solely to helping people with disabilities achieve independence through employment. Services may include vocational evaluation, counseling and guidance, educational assistance, job training, job placement, and assistive technology. At MDRS, we are dedicated to meeting the employment goals of our consumers.

The Office of Business Development plays a vital role in the successful employment of individuals with disabilities. We are committed to establishing partnerships with businesses to assist them in meeting their human resource needs through Mississippi’s most viable workforce pool, people with disabilities.  Not only will we assist you in finding the most qualified candidate for the job, we will put forth the time and effort to learn about your business needs, the jobs you have to offer, and what is important to you. Additionally, we can provide assistance to employers with job analysis and job accommodations for people with disabilities and provide information and advice on the Work Opportunity Tax Credit and other tax incentives for hiring people with disabilities. ​